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Researching and Writing
Video Camera Lens
Post Production


I take complex information through the journalistic process and distill it into compelling, comprehensible stories.  I research, data-mine, sift through archives, pre-interview sources and characters and and, when called for, shoot work sample material to prepare for the pitch. I write proposals and treatments, obtain legal contracts - and create budgets and production schedules that reflect the needs of each project so they can be told accurately, fairly and powerfully.

I hire production managers for major projects, and for smaller scale projects, I manage budgets and accounting in Excel and Quickbooks.


With more than 20 years of producing and directing character-driven stories across America and around the world, I am skilled in finding the right people to convey key insights and information to tell powerful, informative and inspiring stories in a wide spectrum that includes investigative, historical, social and political supjects.

I conduct interviews, direct shoots and manage complicated production logistics.

I hire experienced camera, lighting and audio crew for major projects, and for smaller scale projects, I shoot with my own Sony FS5 package complete with lighting and audio.



I organize original footage, acquired media and transcripts - and write scripts with solid story structure and interesting content that reveals compelling scenes and visuals that advance the narrative and dramatic arc. I have a keen sensibility for pace and emotion for telling powerful stories.

I hire talented editors on major projects, and for smaller scale projects, I edit in my own Premiere Pro suite.

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